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Ripon, WI is home of the "gentle giants," according to Judy and Cal Larson, owners of Larson's Famous Clydesdales.  It's not the glitter and pomp, though, that tourists see initially at the ranch.  Rather it's the down-home feel of a family which works hard, is proud of what they do, and does it well.

The Larsons love of big horses is a family affair that dates back 27 years.  All four children have competed and have won Jr. Championship Awards.  Cal and Judy's six horse hitch of Clydesdales have won the national Championship, among many other honors.  Cal does all the training and driving of their 6 and 8 horse hitch of Clydesdales.  Judy and husband Cal still pack up the trucks and trailers each summer for the Midwest circuit of competitions.  Judy is the force behind the six-day-a-week shows that lure up to 400 people a day to the small horse ranch south of Ripon.

Judy's day begins at 4 a.m. with a Dawn and Downy bath and rinse for stars of her show.  No time for a blow dry.  There are performers to feed, barns to clean, a show yard to rake and up to 500 bags of popcorn to prepare.

Judy is the spokesperson as well as the tour guide and gives a humorous and personal tour guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  She reels off her daily lectures in energetic, encyclopedic fashion, showing off horse trailers, horses, barn, harnesses, museum, and Baby Clydesdale. During the tour visitors will see a champion Clydesdale's mane braided and the horse harnessed.  To cap the tour, an enjoyable driving show is performed for guests, with the driver in formal attire and a beautified horse.  The spectators have their own covered bleachers.

Larsons Famous Clydesdales will be at the Wisconsin State Fair plus several other fairs this year.  We hope you find time to come and visit our ranch.

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