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Larson's Famous Reggie White Anheuser Busch
Best American Bred Clydesdale Gelding

Reggie wins again in 2009!

Supreme Grand Champion

Don't forget to come and visit us this
Spring, 2016 and see the new
baby Clydesdales.

Famous Six-up of Siblings and Tourist Attraction

Larsons Famous Clydesdales."  Of course you've heard of them...they're famous!  Some of you may even know the Larson family personally.  Calvin and Judy Larson of Ripon, Wisconsin, are more than just familiar faces in the Clydesdale community and tourist business.  The couple's four kids were literally brought up around the horses, truly making it a family affair.  All four have won junior driving classes at the National Clydesdale Show.

As Clydesdale breeders the family has worked hard to produce good horses, especially the popularly colored bays.  Nineteen years ago, Judy opened up their ranch as a Clydesdale tourist attraction where people can get a close-up look at the horses and see what it takes to prepare them for a show.  Six days each week, from May 15th through Oct.. 15th, Judy offers a 90-minute educational guided tour with a short grandstand show.  Judy serves as both the tour guide and spokesperson as she shows her visitors horse trailers, horses, barns, harness and pretty much every aspect of horse ownership and exhibition - something most city dwellers might never have the chance to see.  Afterwards, guests are invited to get up close and personal with a baby Clydesdale, visit their Clydesdale museum and Clydesdale gift shop.  Judy is the only one doing this in the US, and in just its third year of operation, Judy's unique attraction was named one of the top agricultural tourist attractions in the state.

Away from home the Larsons have also had success showing a six-horse hitch for the past 32 years at the National Clydesdale Show.  They have won the champion six-up title at the National Clydesdale Show.  Their "Famous" hitch has journeyed as far away as the Houston Livestock Show and Oklahoma State Fair.  In addition their six appeared in Milwaukee's Great Circus Parade for over 22 years.

The success of the ranch tours inspired an idea that would incorporate tourists petting baby Clydesdales and getting up close and personal with the Famous six-up hitch.  The objective was to assemble a six-up of full siblings, all from one Mother and Father, or one mare and stallion.  "As far as we know," says Cal, "this has never been accomplished."  In 2006 Cal and Judy were able to achieve their dream of putting this Famous six-up hitch together at their breeding operation.  One of the six is named Famous Reggie and has won Grand Champion Gelding 17 times in a row at major shows.  Famous Reggie is the right hand wheel horse in their six-up hitch.  All of the six horses are very similar in character and it took ten years to accomplish this rare and difficult feat.

If you find yourself in southeast Wisconsin between mid-May and mid-October don't pass up the opportunity to visit Larson's Ranch in Ripon, Wisconsin.  Tour and Show time is 1:00pm Monday through Saturday.  Reservations are preferred as some shows fill quickly.  Call 920-748-5466.

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Calvin & Judy Larson  W12654 Reeds Corner Rd.,  Ripon,  WI   54971      Phone: 920 748 5466